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Which Components are Most Necessary for Video Security

Whether for home security systems or commercial security equipment, video security is an important and imperative aspect for the safety and reassurance of those that live with you or work for you. If you expect your business to remain profitable, you must protect your assets by keeping a watchful eye on them with video security cameras. The exciting aspect of video surveillance systems that makes them extremely attractive to business owners is that they have evolved into even more effective and intelligent units. Let us keep you up to date on which components are most necessary for video security systems to truly monitor your valuable property.

IP Video Camera

Analog cameras are being phased out by the modern move towards IP cameras, or “Internet Protocol” cameras. The overall power of IP cameras far exceeds analog solutions, usually shooting footage at a resolution of clarity – at least 1 megapixel to 5 megapixels – and a larger field of view. IP cameras for home intrusion systems or business needs also offer video analytics, allowing for mobile notifications to your smartphone and automatic recording to be triggered when sudden movement occurs within the field of view of the video camera.

These alerts can be customized and one-touch connections to local law enforcement can be established. Ideally you will want an IP video camera with high resolution, that handles low-light conditions well, and with higher frame rates for smoother video recording.

Network Video Recorders

Get IP cameras that are compatible with network video recorders (NVRs), which provide advanced benefits that make NVRs more dynamic than the older digital video recorders (DVRs). A NVR records higher-quality video and makes it possible for video surveillance systems to be scaled up easily. Wireless IP cameras can use Wi-Fi to transmit video surveillance footage to the NVR.

The benefit is that as long as IP cameras are connected to the same NVR network – there is no proximity limitations. IP cameras can also be connected to a “Power over Ethernet” (PoE) switch, which not only sends data from the camera, but also provides power to it. PoE switches are typically considered to be more secure in terms of data transmission.

Cloud Storage

To have the comfort of having added protection for your video footage, you can use cloud storage in addition to your video recorder. This adds much more storage volume as well as remote access to your videos. In order to ensure that uploading large video files won’t eat away at most of your system bandwidth and slow down your network, you should schedule video uploads to the cloud in advance or beginning the upload process after peak business hours have ended.

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