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Physical “brick and mortar” retail stores not only require an enjoyable experience to keep customers returning, but they must also be protected from theft and break-ins with optimum security systems available from AVS. Whether you own a massive department store franchise location or you are a merchant that has an intimate independently owned retail store, AVS has the resources and expertise to integrate your business with technologically advanced closed circuit surveillance and security units to secure your overall investment.

Lighting Control

When retail cashiers, inventory stock workers, management and customer service agents have to spend countless hours paying close attention to product details and prices presented in fine print, the technologically advanced lighting systems from AVS are a soothing upgrade. Let AVS also help your retail business save on energy costs and brighten up the shopping experience of your valued customers.

Security Systems

When co-workers and customers of a retail business engage with each other in a public shopping environment, the last thing they should be worried about is crime. With AVS’s security systems firmly implemented, retail centers have the additional protection of a crime prevention measure to make culprits of misconduct think twice about their unsavory actions.


Keep your retail store under constant observation to deter theft with the assistance of closed circuit television camera technology from AVS. No manager or supervisor’s eyes can be everywhere in the store at once. But AVS’s CCTV units can provide this desired functionality to prevent the reduction of profitability.

Whole House Music

Imagine being able to control the music that is being played in multiple sections of your department store? AVS can enhance the retail store experience for staff and consumers with controlled music distribution units to present the proper mood through audio augmentation.


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