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Healthcare facilities handle our physical and mental wellbeing, quite often with the medical results of their actions being life or death for an admitted patient. With hospitals, doctor offices and private medical practices having such important work to handle, their computer communications as well as the security systems to protect patients and healthcare staff members are vital services that AVS can secure for medical institutions. AVS has over 30 years of active experience as a business involved in the implementation of hardware and software to help ensure that healthcare facilities can function fluently in our ever-evolving digital world.

Emergency Room Safety

AVS offers healthcare facilities closed circuit television technology to monitor the constant convergence of patients, medical staff and concerned visitors as well.  With AVS’ professional CCTV options activated, hospitals, surgical clinics and healthcare practices can observe the overflow of activity to maintain safety and security standards.

Department Connectivity

What environment is more physically reliant on constant communication and the transmitting of instant information for people’s wellbeing than healthcare facilities? AVS offers internet and computer networking options to safeguard the computer connectivity needs of hospitals and medical locations.

Children’s Medical Centers

AVS can help keep children pleasantly occupied during their hospital experience with interactive computer and gaming centers to ease the stress during their trip to their pediatric doctor.

Patient Care

With the high-pressure situations that arise in medical centers to treat patients, having AVS implanting touch screen panels can help heath care staff perform duties at a faster speed.

Managing Patient Records

Allow AVS to link up your internet and networking needs to assist you in storing and organizing medical patient records.

Remote Video Conferencing

Audio and video conference tools from AVS allow doctors and nurses to advise, train and connect from remote locations.

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