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What are the Most Popular Forms of Access Control Security Equipment Solutions

Access control security equipment is an important addition to security systems because it lets you regulate entry by requiring login credentials such as passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, and physical or electronic keys. The main types of access control are physical and logical. Physical access control limits protect access to tangible locations and space, like business buildings and technology laboratories. Logical access limits connections to digital places, like privatized data, computer networks and system files. By utilizing the most popular forms of access control security equipment solutions – you can ensure that only authorized personnel can gain entry to places that require privacy and safety.

Monitoring Solutions

You can implement a customized advanced access control system that records a digital record of visitors that come towards a designated property. This is a valuable resource for companies that new to keep track of precisely who has entered and exited a location – and at what time. For residential home intrusion systems, this can be used as evidence during unfortunate theft and vandalism situations. Telephone entry systems are a gate access control option that makes visitors have to stop at a specific access point and speak specifically with security or a receptionist before they can proceed further.

Passwords and PINs

It has taken your business years to create and accumulate its precious trade secrets. Internal employee theft is a real concern for many company owners, especially with industries that experience high employee turn-over, or experience frequent lay-offs situations. It becomes increasing crucial for businesses to be able to take proper security precautions to thwart unpermitted disgruntled ex-workers or disruptive individuals from forcing their way onto office premises. Potential security threats can be prevented with passwords and personal identification numbers being required for entry.

Physical and Electronic Keys

Many office buildings and businesses utilize proxy card badges to give direct authorization to their employees as they enter for work each day. These can typically be found attached to lanyards and be seen worn around the necks of staff members or attached to shirt pockets. Smart cards, more advanced types of electronic keys, also have the capability to monitor and keep track of attendance times, equipment checkouts, and other technological procedures.

Biometric Scans

Entry points can also be controlled by using biometric devices that can identify individuals by uniquely specific elements such as fingerprints. There are also other forms of biometric scans available like retina scans, iris patterns, hand and earlobe geometry, voice waves and even DNA. Biometric devices typically have a higher need and demand in business settings than residential situations.

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