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AVS can keep hotels, motels, hostels and inns safe, secure, entertained, properly lit and constantly connected to the internet with a multitude of hardware equipment options and software solutions. By becoming a client of AVS, you can focus on the customer service experience at your hotel and let AVS implement the functionality of your hospitality business.

Hotel Rooms

Have your hotel rooms and suites equipped for ordering food and beverage items with touch screen convenience with the assistance of AVS. Provide hotel guests with light dimming controls and heat and air conditioning manipulation abilities to customize their hotel experience. AVS can provide customers internet access and satellite television entertainment as well.

Conference Rooms

Allow your hotel to provide guests with audio/video presentation equipment for business meetings, conferences and trade shows with the help of AVS. Environmental controls such as heating and air conditioning will be within their fingertips.

Pool and Fitness Centers 

Provide proper lighting, temperature adjustments, and music and video entertainment with AVS automation services.

Dining Areas

For the perfect dining experience, AVS can situate your hotel’s restaurants and bars with controllable mood lighting, video, music and HVAC controls to keep them thoroughly entertained and comfortable while getting nourished.

Internet and Networking  

Allow your hotel or motel visitors to feel right at home while they are away from home with internet access that they can depend on for business trips or vacation pleasure computer usage.  Hotel employees from the back office all the way up to the front desk can also have their computers operating in unison for online purposes and for intranet company activities with AVS.

Lighting Control

Motels, hotels, inns and traveler’s hostels all require constant lighting for their rooms, suites, hallways, pool areas, fitness gyms and additional amenity areas to keep customers satisfied, and AVS can provide complete lighting control.  AVS lighting systems can help manage overall energy costs and supply reliable luminance.

Security Systems

When business travelers, families on vacation and romantic couples enter hotels and motels during the course of their journeys, their personal safety and the security of their belongings are crucial concerns.  AVS has the security solutions to suit any hotel organization with smart card entry options. AVS also offers closed circuit television services for your hotel or motel. AVS’ CCTV systems can make the monitoring process customized, user-friendly and continuous.

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