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Multi-Dwelling Units

Apartments, town houses, college campus dormitories and other multi-dwelling units can all be made safer, more technologically advanced and properly equipped with the domestic amenities that landlords and realtors are expected to provide tenants with the assistance of AVS hardware and software solutions.  Allow apartment residents to be able to feel safe and secure upon entering and exiting their residential units with advanced AVS security system resolutions.  AVS offers a slew of modern living conveniences to enable the allure of multi-dwelling units to become even more valuable to current and future tenants.

HVAC and Lighting Presets

When rental tenants are paying hard-earned money for their apartments in multi-dwelling units, they don’t expect to be kept in the dark during their domestic experience. Lighting control units from AVS can keep landlords and their multi-dwelling unit tenants happy with ambient lighting that is energy efficient, sophisticated and can be instantly manipulated to suit a tenant’s individual needs. Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) environmental controls can keep MDU climates properly modified for complete tenant satisfaction.

MDU Automation

To assist rental property owners with controlling multi-dwelling unit services remotely, AVS offers home automation controls.  AVS can also make the automation of MDU functions a simplistic experience for residents within their multi-dwelling unit as well with easy to use touch screen control pad technology.

Entertainment for Multi-Dwelling Units

By allowing AVS to provide the answer to your Satellite TV needs for your multiple apartment units, you can save money while providing tenants a valuable entertainment amenity.

Intercom Communication

AVS can assistant residents and employees of multi-dwelling units with their communication needs with visitors or co-workers inside or outside the premises of their MDU with AVS’s intercom options.

Closed Circuit Television Security

AVS’ closed circuit television equipment can provide multi-dwelling unit dwellers with an added sense of safety during the dim early mornings when heading out to school or the pitch-black nights when returning home from work.  CCTV technology from AVS helps identify problematic occurrences and provide necessary evidence after criminal activities occur at multi-dwelling units.

Prevent Trespassing

AVS offers audio and video security options for 24-hour surveillance. Apartment facility monitoring can be customized by implementing access controls to prevent vagrants and intruders from being able to trespass. Keep multi-dwelling units safe for neighbors and facility staff with AVS’ security systems that can be wireless or key card accessible.

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