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AVS has the software and hardware options to turn home and business entertainment experiences into essential events. With a wide range of music, broadcasting, internet, computer networking, and lighting devices and solutions, minimum and maximum entertainment needs can be executed to meet the highest standard requirements. AVS understands that crisp visual output, dynamic audio clarity and seamless presentation methods are vital necessities in creating entertainment exhibitions that keep audiences engaged in the moment.

Restaurants and Bars

AVS can allow your restaurant, diner, sports bar or nightclub to have the ability to control television programming, music, video presentations, electronic menus, customer gaming, lighting, heating ventilation and air conditioning with ease for complete customer enjoyment.

Movie Theaters and Museums

AVS is well aware of the fact that high quality sound and visual standards are mandatory for any movie theater to continue to have paying customers. Museums also require audio/visual presentations for art exhibits. Both movie theaters and museums can benefit from digital signage, as well as lighting, heating ventilation and air conditioning controls from AVS.

Retail Stores

Keep any shopping center, mall, plaza, department store or fitness center safe and sound with security units from AVS. Also, establish an elaborate audio/visual/lighting experience for customers to engage them in your products and services.

Stadiums, Cruise Ships, Amusement Parks, Concert Venues

AVS can fulfill your entertainment desires with prestigious sound and visual quality to constantly turn entertainment into a must-see event. Jazz up any cruise ship, musical venue, sports arena or amusement park with the enriching addition of music systems from AVS. With the ability to control the music, visual elements and lighting, AVS can provide an entertainment option that can make employees more relaxed and customers more satisfied.

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