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Privacy Policy

Audio-Video & Security places paramount importance on protecting the privacy of its customers. Our privacy policy ensures the highest possible protection of all personally identifying information obtained. Under no circumstances shall personally identifying information collected from our customers be sold, rented, leased, loaned or otherwise provided to external companies, organizations or individuals without prior notification and/or permission. Private information collected is stored in devices within secured premises with software and hardware measures utilized to ensure the security of the data. These protection measures may include but not be limited to password protection, biometric devices, encryption, signed certificates and other means. Physical or electronic access to devices containing private information is limited strictly to employees, authorized subcontractors and technicians of or on behalf of Audio-Video & Security.

Exceptions to this include events where i) law enforcement or government officials require access in order to comply with local laws or regulations; ii) third party personnel require access to related hardware or software for the purpose of routine, scheduled or emergency configuring, maintaining, upgrading, monitoring, diagnostics, analytical reporting or repairing. Audio-Video & Security cannot, however, be held responsible in the event that private information is stolen, hacked or otherwise obtained without the expressed permission of Audio-Video & Security.

By using the Audio-Video & Security (henceforth referred to as (http://www.avandsecurity.con) you (the user of this web site) are, acknowledges and agrees to all of the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

Legal Terms and Conditions:
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This web site and contents are provided strictly on an “as-is” basis. Audio-Video & Security makes no guarantee or warranty either expressed or implied as to the accuracy, suitability, performance, compatibility, applicability, reliability or availability of this web site or its contents. In no event shall Audio-Video & Security be held responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages or losses financially, physically or otherwise; arising from the use of this web site even if due to the negligence of Audio-Video & Security

The policies, terms and conditions set forth in this document are subject to change without prior notice. This legal and privacy policy was last updated Friday, November 8, 2013. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our legal terms and conditions or privacy policy, we welcome you to call.


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