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Network Operating Centers (NOC)

Network management firms that execute network monitoring via computer or satellite deserve dependable and secure computer networks that can be implemented by AVS. Network Operating Centers (NOC) demand constant connectivity and AVS understands their needs for troubleshooting, to react to serious conditions that arise and to maintain reliable communication between staff members and technicians.

Internet and Networking for Network Operating Centers

AVS is the ideal partner for computer-based network operating centers, whether they have just a few networks within their connected system or they have thousands of servers. Vital responsibilities like observing possible power failures or processing massive amounts of intelligence information require the level of safekeeping provided by AVS.

Control Automation

With natural disasters and breaches of security being among the many concerns of   a network operating center, AVS can provide the equipment and synchronization tools to manage single-purpose equipment with one-touch automation capabilities for NOC operations.

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