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Houses of Worship

Whatever the religious faith of your house of worship may be, AVS will be your partner for all of your computer hardware, software, security, internet and networking, sound system and audio/visual needs. Churches, synagogues, mosques and temples can all be professionally integrated with exceptional technology to make their messages heard and seen with vivid accuracy. Houses of worship can also be protected with top of the line closed-circuit surveillance cameras and dependable security systems to keep the congregation’s home away from home a safe haven.

Audio and Video Multimedia Presentations

Music and imagery are powerful tools for creating an emotional connection between people during religious services at a house of worship. AVS offers amazing high quality BOSE brand audio equipment and sound systems for your main sanctuary and within each additional room as well.  Let AVS also upgrade your religious building’s multimedia experience with video screens to project the lyrics to songs being sung and to provide a visual slideshow or video component to your weekly services.

Security Methods

As your house of worship upgrades its electronic equipment and multimedia components, the need for AVS’ wireless and key card activated monitoring systems becomes essential. Protect the accumulated assets of your church, mosque, temple or synagogue with access control and intrusion prevention methods from AVS.  

Closed circuit television technology from AVS also adds an extra piece of mind to your house of worship. CCTV surveillance technology from AVS can keep an ever-present watchful eye on all of the products and services that your religious congregation depends on to function as a parish.


AVS will allow you to have complete control over the lighting arrangements in your house of worship to bring a strong dramatic quality to religious presentations and theatrical reenactments. You can initiate a pre-set lighting pattern with the simple touch of a button or manually dim lights right on the spot.

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