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AVS offers the top-notch digital technology and learning solutions that modern students are already utilizing to seek information with during their personal time.  Whether the desire is to keep your students engaged in their classroom environment, or to keep them safe everyday throughout the school year, AVS has educational solutions for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities.

Educational Internet Service and Networking  

Get your facility of education professionally integrated with internet and computer networking systems that will allow students and teaching staff to have a dependable connection to the internet throughout the school.  Let AVS help you keep the online learning experience safe and secure with a protected computer network to keep computer users safeguarded from potential difficulties, as well as the equipment wires from becoming a hazard. Your school’s internet system can be integrated with numerous devices including: any desired web browser, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or iPod.

School Security Systems

When you consider the hundreds and possibly thousands of lives that schools and higher education institutions are responsible for, the need for AVS’s state-of-the-art security systems becomes vital. Magnetic ID cards and advanced smartcards are among the many security options that AVS can offer.

CCTV for Educational Institutions

Closed circuit television security networks from AVS can come fully equipped with digital or analog cameras, fixed or pan/tilt/zoom options or even motion detection equipment. AVS has the CCTV system choices that can adapt to the diverse needs of your learning facility.

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