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What are the Main Types of Video Security

Having an extra set of eyes wide open, watching over your home or business, is exactly what can help protect your valuable property from being compromised or completely stolen.

The Benefits of Video Security Cameras

What better way to deter vandals and thieves from targeting you for a home intrusion than with the presence of video cameras? You can choose to go with hidden cameras as security equipment to gather evidence of a criminal act occurring on your property without the culprit’s knowledge. Or you can install traditional security cameras in addition to your home alarm systems that are clearly visible to make crooks think twice about their devious activities.

Indoor or Outdoor Video Security

When choosing home security systems, the choice of indoor cameras are generally lighter and smaller video security cameras designed for outdoor use. Outdoor cams are usually more expensive because they’re built to last against thieves trying to break them and strong weather conditions. Higher quality security cameras are made to handle both outdoor and indoor usage.

The Four Kinds of Visible Security Cameras

The main visible security cameras to consider when putting together home intrusion systems are the common surveillance box cameras, the popular dome cameras, the controllable pan/tilt/zoom cameras (PTZ), and the flexible bullet cameras.

Box Cameras

For home security systems, box cameras are often used because they are cost effective and they are a visible warning. Quite a few box cams allow for interchangeable lenses to adjust their viewing range.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are chosen for commercial and residential security systems because they are less obtrusive than box cams and are easy to fit in many different areas because of their smaller size. The more expensive dome cams also can accept interchangeable lenses.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

PTZ cameras offer many more monitoring and installation options. They can tilt up and down, pan side to side, zoom in closer for a better view, and they can expand their range of view across a full 360-degree area. Most pan/tilt/zoom cams are remote-controllable, adding more flexibility for your video surveillance needs.

Bullet Cameras

In addition to home alarms, bullet cameras share some similarities to traditional box cameras. They act as a visible deterrent and they are available in a multitude of sizes, from large to compact. To increase their amount of monitoring flexibility, many bullet models come with zoom lenses that offer a variety of focal length options and some also provide an option to utilize interchangeable lenses.

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